Sustainable Wild Seafood

from our net to your table

Copper River Salmon

Cordova Alaska is a fishing community that sits at the edge of the Copper River Delta. The Copper is a massive river, stretching over 300 miles into South Central Alaska. It is a vibrant watershed that pumps glacial water straight into the blue Gulf of Alaska. Every May through September, King, Sockeye and Coho Salmon head back up the river to spawn. Cordova’s commercial fishing fleet partakes in the sustainable method of fishing called “gillnetting” on the Copper River Flats (seen below); where the river meets the ocean. Each wild salmon is handpicked from the net, live bled and stored in slush ice until processed. Learn more about this salmon rich watershed by visiting the Copper River Watershed Project.

Photo Enhanced by David Little

Famous for being loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, Copper River Salmon is nutrient rich and packed with flavor. Cordovan’s have passed down harvesting this salmon from generation to generation. As a result, sustainability and the quality of salmon is of upmost importance to everyone involved in the fishery. The Copper River is strategically managed by the state of Alaska, to ensure that this natural resource is viable for generations to come.