Wild is Sustainable

Wild seafood directly from the fisherman, to your plate.

Copper River Salmon

Cordova Alaska is a fishing community that sits at the edge of the Copper River Delta and Eastern Prince William Sound. The coastal town has access to an abundance of different seafood species, but the Copper River Salmon is prized. The Copper is a massive river, stretching over 300 miles into South Central Alaska. Every May through September, King, Sockeye and Coho Salmon head back home to spawn. They store extra fats to make the massive journey up river to spawn, giving them a rich color they famous for. Learn about more about Copper River Salmon’s story here.

Cordova’s commercial fishing fleet, like all of Alaska’s fisheries, partake in the sustainable methods of fishing. Each year only the healthy amount is taken from the river, shared across all user groups. This helps from fouling the river with too many fish and gives them room to spawn. Sustainability is written into our state constitution, it is the gold standard here. Learn more about Alaska Seafood’s sustainability here. 

Pictured above is a satellite photo of the Copper River fishing grounds. Glacial sediment flows from the headwaters, and meets the gulf of Alaska.