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Copper River King

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The Copper River is home to world-famous salmon. They store more fat than most, in order to make it up the 300-mile-long river with a 12-foot per mile elevation gain! The Chinook is known as the “King Salmon” because it is the largest species in the salmon family. It is prized for its exceptionally high-fat content, succulent texture, and rich buttery flavor.

Sushi Grade Quality

  • Cut by hand with skin on
  • Scales removed
  • 6 oz - 8 oz flash-frozen portions
  • Individually packaged

    Shipping & Returns

    No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.

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    We use sustainable green cell foam to insulate our frozen boxes instead of Styrofoam. A combination of pellet dry ice and gel packs are used to keep fish frozen during transit.

    5 lb. box = .5 cubic feet
    10 lb = 1 cubic foot
    30 lb. = 3 cubic feet

    Shipped to Your Home

    A small, fishermen-owned-processor cleans our fish as soon as it arrives at the dock. Hand cut portions are placed in parchment paper prior to vacuum sealing to create an oxygen barrier that locks in premium quality. Flash freezing our seafood at -20 degrees for 3 days, ensures sushi-grade quality that you can safely eat raw. This high quality fish is shipped directly to your home in sustainable packaging.